Hello there!

This is my portfilio where you can read more about me, take a look at my projects and read my blog.

I am a driven developer with a passion for problem solving and agile methods in particular Scrum. I have worked with alot of different techniques and a few different languages. I've mostly worked with Python but also some JavaScript. In my spare time I put alot of effort to learn new languages and frameworks there among C# .NET, Node.js, Flask etc. For a while I worked as a Scrum master and also an Agile coach, at this time I was involved and mostly responsable of the implementation of the Scrum framework for the entire company.

I look forward to keep working with Scrum either as a full time developer or as a combined Scrum master and developer. Within development I'd say I have some experience in Front end but I rather work with Back end development with Python, JavaScript or C#.

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